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Warzone 21 Guns HMB 1000mg

21 Guns (β-Hydroxy-β-Methylbutyric Acid), or better known as HMB, is an active metabolite of the industry’s best-known muscle-building amino acid, leucine. And what better way to get it than in pure powder form with Body Ripped HMB, giving you the purest HMB and ZERO FILLERS.

HMB supplementation has been shown to minimize muscle loss, particularly during a low-calorie dieting phase, but may also help improve the rate of muscle growth during an excess-calorie phase.

Using HMB as a workout supplement works best during periods of calorie restriction due to its potent anti-catabolic effects that allow for greater muscle maintenance and optimal body composition.

A supplement of 1-3g daily taken around the workout but preferably 30-45 minutes before will yield the best muscle maintenance results; however, some studies indicate that taking a daily dose, regardless of the time, also produces a positive result.


Less muscle breakdown means holding onto more of your gains, so you can hit every training session with max strength.


Faster recovery means you can get back into the gym faster and work on building up more muscle.


Build on the recovery benefits of traditional amino acids by increasing protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown.

Additional Information

Pack Size: 120 Capsules 

Servings per Container : 120

UPC/EAN CODE :  679771997750

Wazone 21 Guns HMB

Direction for best results

How to take

Take 21 Guns HMB with food. For best results, combine 21 Guns HMB with adequate protein intake and a resistance-based training.

When to take

Take (1) capsule of 21 Guns HMB 2x per day preferably with a meal.

Whats Inside

warzone HMB


Water is ideal to keep calories low but you can also mix it with milk or almond milk.

Take it immidiately after your workout or sip it throughout the day as part of a quick snack or easy protein drink.

NO! No clumpiness Occurs while mixing.

No! There is Lactose in Conquer Whey

It totally depends on your protein requirement. If you are below 150 pounds, we suggest 1 serving. Over 150 pounds, 2 servings daily.


Lemon Ice Tea, Mint Mojito, Peach Mango


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